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                AC Drives
The AC drive unit is an electronic device that converts a fixed frequency and voltage
adjustable frequency AC voltage source. Controls the speed, torque, power and direction
of a AC motor. AC Drive is also a term used for an AC inverter and sometimes is used to
describe a particular section of a frequency converter. The section uses the DC voltage
circuit previous step (to produce a current or voltage having the desired frequency AC. AC
pulses are also known as variable frequency drives (VFD) or adjustable speed drives (
ASD). these units are gaining in popularity because of the energy savings that can be
obtained related to CA technology. Moreover, AC motors are simpler than DC and usually
an element "off-the-shelf" compared to DC motors. Advances in technology have made
the size, cost, reliability and performance of AC drives very attractive in industrial variable
speed applications. actuation system drive of CA is very simple.Ventajas
frecuencia.Versátil drive - more engine control, this device has the test, the current status,
programmability multi-use and precise control of energy velocidadAhorro - reducing
energy demand peak ramping power consumed by the engine and maximizes the energy
put into the single unidad.Operación programmable quick response to changing engine
load (small point of reference for precise operation) Reliability - Solid State Drive, without
externosTamaño controls - lighter and smaller than most other control methods
velocidadAplicaciones frecuencia.Transportadores drive, belts, chains, screws, bulk
material handlers / envasadaVentiladores, blowers, compressors, bombasMáquinas
tools, grinders, lathes , custom estampaciónMáquinas presses, labeling, bottle
washers, drawing, textiles, etcExtrusoras, processing machines, furnaces, mills, mixers,
agitators, elevators, escalators and Frecuencia.Convertidores Frequency etc.Voltaje
convert a three phase voltage fixed and source frequency of 60Hz to a variable voltage
and frequency source. order to control the engine speed, the frequency applied to the
motor must also be controlled. formula for this is n = 120 x F / P N = RPM speed, F =
frequency in Hz, and P = number of pole pairs. Since the number of poles is relatively
constant, the only factor is convenient to vary the frequency. frequency determines the
speed of the motor. However, the engine has to supply nominal torque, no matter what
the speed is in itself.
                       DC Drives.
AC drives are widely used in industrial applications, but DC drives have favorable
characteristics that have proven suitable for many applications. The characteristics of a DC
drive include speed changes that are made by increasing or decreasing the amount of DC
voltage supplied to the drive motor, low-cost HP applications medium and high, wide range of
speeds and good speed regulation. DC Drives can also be very compact in size.
The circuitry looks similar to an AC drive. The main difference is that the step and the step of
operating the DC rectifier output is shared because the DC drive simply adjust the dc voltage
and current in place of the transformation back to the CA. Since the inverter output voltage is
DC, SCR rectifier circuits are used. The newer units have programmable parameters like AC
drives in establishing the maximum voltage, current and speed as well as the protection of
the supply overcurrent, over temperature, phase loss of input power, and field loss.
The applications that use DC drives are when
the DC motor exists in a reasonably clean and dry.
The application requires a wide range of changing loads.
Motor speed can reach 2500-3000 RPM.
The starting torque is greater than 150% or unpredictable.
HP Application requirements are medium to large.
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