MITSUBISHI There is a wide variety of power IGBTs, diodes, transistors, and power modules available for different applications. The IGBT module (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a necessary device for the use of inverters in many types of industrial equipment and has driven the trend towards high currents and high voltage since 1990.

The chip structure has also evolved from a flat structure to a trench gate structure, and the CSTBT™ (Mitsubishi Electric’s unique IGBT utilizing the carrier accumulation effect) has enabled low losses and a smaller size for industrial equipment.

Starting from the fifth generation of IGBTs, the product line includes composite products *1 with a slim profile (NX type) in addition to the previous outer shape (standard type).

From the S series (sixth-generation IGBT), the T/T1 series (seventh-generation IGBT) has additionally been offered, featuring low power loss and a smaller size.

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